Beta Alanine + Creatine + HMB + NO-xplode

  1. Beta Alanine + Creatine + HMB + NO-xplode

    I happened to have some of all these laying around in my supplement stash...anyone think this would create a great stack? Any additions that could be helpful?

  2. beta and creatine alone is a great stack; HMB is decent but the dosage has to be so high inorder for it to take effect, not to mention u gotta be consistent and dose it everyday

  3. What is HMB?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Emerge View Post
    What is HMB?
    It's a metabolite of leucine, some clinical studies have demonstrated that it is good for putting on lean mass, and burning fat, but very little research has been done on it, I took it a while back and found it effective at high doses like at 6-8 grams a day, but for the price there's better stuff out there

  5. What's a metabolite? Why wouldn't he just get bulk Leucine, or bulk BCAAs?

  6. a metabolite is the end result when your body metabolizes something. to get the 6g of HMB (I think you need even more than that btw) you might have to take in 30-40g of leucine, plus have other things in your system. its the same thing as the hormone chain - your body makes testosterone from DHEA which it makes from Pregnenelone which it makes from cholesterol which it makes from saturated fats. So why use testosterone, just take in more saturated fats?


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