So here it is, i need a little information on if there is a certain way i should be taking my products/when. I am just about to begin my Hyperdrol X2/Mass Fx/Retain 2 stack by the way. Other products are NeoVar Creatine, SuperPump, Xtend, and ON Whey ... (p.s. Grape Xtend is Amazing!)

I want to know if i shoudl take my hyperdrol/mass fx/retain together with my vitamins plus my meal. then 45min before i go to the gym i take my preworkout supps: creatine, superpump, mass fx 2pills/hyperdrol 2pill + my bcaas while i workout (will taking all those together **** each other up?). Post-workout: mass fx 1 pill/ hyperdrol 1pill/retain 1pill + creatine. Then after dinner mass fx 1pill/hyperdrol 1pill/retain 1pill.

Does this sound like a decent routine? I am more so worried about taking 3-5 different supplements together wondering if they will interfere with each other. Especially if i should take mass fx/hyperdrol/retain at the same time. I understand how they probabaly are made to be taken together but just want to make sure.