PEA dossage

  1. PEA dossage

    Hi guys. I haven't posted much but I just recieved my "PEA" from Nutra. And I can't figure out what a good dossage would be. Could someone help me out a little. I did search and didn't find much info. Thanks guys. (I really need it along with my phenibut) I'm A Patriots fan

  2. did you get the bulk or did you get the caps?

  3. I got it in bulk

  4. Well, its pretty much worthless unless you got some Hordenine with it.

    The dose is small. I think about 100mgs to start with.

  5. Well that sucks!! I guess I didn't do as much research as a I thought. Does that mean I should hold onto it Untill I get some Hordenine?

  6. I would, or you could buy the caps from Nutra Planet. Its all ready got the hordinine in it, and they are pretty cheap. (and its all ready measured... measuring bulk PEA can be a pain unless you know how to suspend it in a liquid or have a GOOD scale)


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