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    HMG Xtreme.....
    American Cellular Labs brings you HMG-Xtreme™, a breakthrough in tissue specific pro-anabolic/antiestrogen supplementation. The compound in HMG-Xtreme™ binds to muscle androgen receptors causing increased protein synthesis rates. It also binds to muscle stem cells causing them to change and become active muscle tissue. Together these two anabolic actions increase potential muscle growth and repair.

    Besides the anabolic effect, HMG-Xtreme™ is a tissue specific estrogen blocker. This means that HMG-Xtreme™ only binds to 17β-estradiol receptors in certain tissues such as mammary (breast). This can significantly reduce and/or even reverse gynecomastia caused by temporary elevations in estrogen. HMG-Xtreme™ specifically blocks estrogen in mammary (breast) tissue resulting in reduced size, even shrinking the tissue to pre-gynecomastia levels. This is great news for those with tender nipples, gynecomastia, or other estrogen related issues.

    Most anabolic/androgenic compounds cause some form of natural hormonal suppression. HMGXtreme™ is different as it is relatively mild on the natural hormonal axis. Research indicates that Luteinizing Hormone remains elevated while using HMG-Xtreme™ allowing your body to continue producing its natural hormones. Or, in the case of Post Cycle Therapy (post cycle therapy), your body can still recover some level of natural hormone production while you minimize the estrogen related affects. Muscle support and PCT in one product!

    HMG-Xtreme™ is great to combine with many other American Cellular Labs products including TREN, MASS, AH-89, VNS-9, MMA-3, or TT-40. Combined with intense training and proper nutrition HMGXtreme™ supports dryer, leaner and harder gains in muscle mass while minimizing estrogen and supporting your natural hormonal maintenance and recovery. Used as PCT you get anti-estrogen support combined with anabolic benefits that no other estrogen product can offer. HMG-Xtreme™ supports your physique enhancement and performance goals. Only for experienced supplement users, this product should only be used by the hardest training most serious athletes!

    Is this product similar to Epi/Havoc?

  2. Same thing, but wrong board to post this on.

  3. what is tt-40 xtreme,and do it really work.

  4. Got me a bottle of HMG Xtreme! Thinking about doing HDrol then HMG Extreme, then M14ADD, Then NovadexXT. I just wanna get huge in the next few months.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by XJUSTICEX View Post
    Got me a bottle of HMG Xtreme! Thinking about doing HDrol then HMG Extreme, then M14ADD, Then NovadexXT. I just wanna get huge in the next few months.
    wow...that would not be a good idea! three methylated compounds with novedex xt for pct(im assuming). Stick with two of those at the very most, but only after you learn what your really doing.



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