MHP's Dren

  1. MHP's Dren

    So, since I had a coupon for my local Vit. Shoppe I decided to pick this up and give this a shot this morning. I will say this, I dont know what it will do in terms of weight/fat loss, but it was as advertised for the state of euphoria that it brought. About 20 minutes after taking it I was a hyper little bugger bouncing off the walls, which would normally have been fine, but considering I was sitting on the toilet at the time, it was a weird sensation. I will keep this up to date every now and then with thoughts on this.

    I am currently taking it with
    Body Fortress CM
    AST 32x
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  2. I love the stuff I usually take mine with grapefruit juice and 25mg zoloft, and I'm dancing for like 6 hours, I gotta get more of this stuff.

  3. ZOLOFT....what?

  4. i've tried dren on several occasions and it doesn't do nearly as much as AMP does for me energy wise. i may have to try two...then again i am not totally sure how i feel about 5 htp combined with a stimulant, 5 htp has always been a strong sedative for me..and it doesn't tell you how much of everything you are getting.

  5. I ran through 2 boxes of Dren and ive got to say that one did very little for fat loss. I did have a happy euphoric feeling and appetite was suppressed for acouple hours but i didnt feel that the fat loss was that great. then again i wasnt busting out the cardio that i am right now while i was on Dren.

  6. i am just about to finish my 2 box sample, with only about 5 left. I like the stuff. I agree with hitstick that it really did little for my fat loss. I like the euphoric feeling i get, and i am pretty used to the jitters it gives me. Also i find DREN to be a very good appetiete suppresant. All in all i like the stuff and thinking about getting some more when my samples are up.


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