J/W,BAM,P-Ana and Hyperdrolx2 for bulking

  1. J/W,BAM,P-Ana and Hyperdrolx2 for bulking

    i am shortly going to start a stack and cycle over around 9-10weeks with the full ALRI stack along with no-xplod/cellmass and sizeon/sp250 just cause i have heaps of the pre/post supps lying around and even those alone with whey have given me good results. would hyperdrol x2 be a decent addition if i was doing the full evo mass stack for the full 10 weeks for gaining size more so than strength coupled with good diet and hard training. these are the best anabolic supps you can get off australian websites from what iv'e seen and anything including prohormones are competely banned which is why i'm suggesting the hyperdrol.i am thinking of doing a log of this and putting it up was just after some advice. cheers guys

    I'm 22 6'2 90kg and have been lifting for 5 years and have never used any test products before

  2. Hyperdrol is an AI, and JW has one as well. I would not stack the two. Things that might go well with that; X factor, Drive (although I think there is some Forskolin in JW, I'm just not sure how much.) and most of the USP line. Anabolic pump or Pslin would be great.

  3. NO-Xplode and SP250 are preworkout with high stims . . . . you are going to OD! Also CellMass and SizeOn are creatine products. All of these overlap, including the JW and HD. You are simply wasting your $$$

  4. what would you suggest than why is it bad to use no xplod with alri supps and is it pointless using creatine just cause of the alri stuff too i've just always used them anyway and have heaps left over i just wanted to try something new and better for making size gains

  5. I'd save the Hyperdrol for later use. I wouldn't go 10 weeks I'd lessen it to 6-8. I'd just buy JW/BAM or just the JW for 8 weeks.
    I don't see why you can't use the pre-workout stuff and creatine, go right ahead if you ask me.

  6. you can use creatine and preworkout, you just have them doubled up with Gaspari produscts and BSN. Too many stims and a waste of money

  7. OHHH you were planning to use both BSN and Gaspari products at once...why not do 4 weeks of the Gaspari and then do 4 weeks of the BSN stuff if your cycle is gonna be 8 weeks or whatever you choose.

  8. thanks for the replys guys i think you misunderstood me i meant alternate between the bsn and gaspari not use both at the same time maybe bsn for the first 4 and gaspari the next 4 i just get a real good buzz and motivation to train from no xplod despite what others say so far its worked great for me so i cant wait to see what the other stuff will do on top and cycle is 10 weeks including restore im doing alri evo stack as on the website and am thinking of adding in p slin it sounds pretty decent

  9. Thats still ALOT of supplements at once if you ask me though.


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