dymatized xpand?

  1. dymatized xpand?

    Been looking around at pre workout drinks. Saw Dymatized xpand energized. Started searching and havent seen anything bad about the product, but havent seen anything good either. Does Dymatized have a good reputation or do they lie on thier labels liek bsn?

  2. I have tried this and a few of their other products and they seem stand -up to me.

  3. Dymatize is a solid company with a good reputation. Their Elite proteins are GREAT! I never used the xpand energized, but did use just regular xpand. If i remember, the only thing i heard negative about the energized was that it was extremely potent to the point of feeling jittery and cracked out. I personally would recommend the original if its still out there. I would recommend scivation vasocharge or primaforce n2o over it though.

  4. Oh, and they have a elite protein/oatmeal individual bag thing that comes with about 20 packets and it is great for camping or if your on maneuvers with your military unit.

  5. I've only tried the original, pretty good all-in-one sorta product. If your on a budget and don't want to buy everything separate then I'd go with it, nothing to amazing...but still works. I use it and just buy a bottle of caffeine pills and I'm good to go.

  6. I use the original, not the energized, version. I think its a good product and hard to beat for the cost. I'd take it over the BSN products any day.

  7. I have also tried the original Expand, the orange flavor. For the price it was good and I have got a couple people to buy it and try it.

    I think you also get a few more serving per container than the others.

    BTW I love their pina colada and orange flavored Elite whey.


  8. Thanks guys. I have tried the xpand original cherry limeade flavor. tasted pretty bad but also tried the orange and liked it. I am just kinda skeptical of all companies now since bsn seems to lie about thier products and i heard cytosport muscle milk has less protein and way more fat than labeled.
    Being kinda new to the board i appreciate all your help guys

  9. Why not try something new like Ragnarok or some other all-in-one sorta product. I guess the saying goes if it works don't fix it.

  10. I use the Xpand non caffeine version, I love it, the pumps I get are great!

  11. I would try jack b4 this stuff Ive tried both..WF is so so for me

  12. Xpand is great. Lots of stuff in good doses, tasty. Never tried the energized version.


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