DCP/LeviReloaded/AP/Pslin ULTIMATE STACK??

  1. DCP/LeviReloaded/AP/Pslin ULTIMATE STACK??

    After reading lots of posts about supps, is this the ultimate stack?

    Burn fat, while eating lotsa carbs, and gaining muscle with the carbs??

    Just a thought.

    Just ordered, can't wait for it to arrive!!!!

  2. That's a good stack, but depending on how you trained and ate, I wouldn't expect to both gain a lot of mass and lose fat. It looks like a good cutting stack.

  3. Agreed....I see massive recomp in your future.
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  4. Good cutting stack. Eat clean and do some serious HIIT cardio

  5. I am strongly considering the same stack. How do you plan on dosing this??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by bryan4592 View Post
    I am strongly considering the same stack. How do you plan on dosing this??

    I would use P slin only on workout days, specifically for me pre workout meal.

    AP would be same as directed on bottle, 3 times for 3 meals a day.

    DCP and Levi also as directed on bottle.

    I have read so many good things about these 4 supps... and I hate having low carbs or no carbs, i just love carbs for that full feeling!

    So i think this stack would be good for cutting, while being able to whack carbs, and also get that ****ing full pump..

    Question regarding AP:
    Am i supposed to get that pump feeling right after I eat the carbs?? Cuz i dun really feel it, only during my workout. Also, any other supps to maximise that Preworkout PUMP?



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