Anyone here use Nicotine?

  1. Anyone here use Nicotine?

    I know the folks over at Avant rave about the stuff, saying it is possibly the strongest appetite supressant available, while raising BMR 5-7%. But for me, I just would not do it, with it being so addictive and I have an absolute distain for cigaretts that cannot be overstated. I was just wondering how widespread the use of the gum/patches is in terms of the fitness industry.

  2. I've used nicotine for a few weeks after a ph cutting cycle, and think that it did help quite a bit in keeping off excess body fat while using it. I chewed 2 mg pieces starting out, spaced every 4 hours or so. Once I grew accustomed to the effects of 2mg pieces, I started to chew 4mg pieces instead. The gum is less than pleasant tasting in mint form, but I found that orange flavor is much more bearable.

    As far as appetite suppressant effects I found it to be quite effective in this regard, although I generally don't need to suppress my appetite for the most part as I tend to make my meals beforehand and eat by the clock.

  3. I won't do it because I have a rough past with nicotine, lol. I quit smoking about a year ago, then started again briefly, now quit again.

    But in general that is exactly what nicotine does, and many ex-smokers can tell you they can gain weight very easily after quitting without necessarily increasing cals. It is effective for appetite supression, and also most smokers know they can have a cig when they're hungry and it will tide you over for a bit. So does it it work? Absolutely IMO.

  4. I found that I had no addiction problems with the gum itself, as I chewed it slowly as instructed on the package to avoid the instantaneous nicotine rush that cigarrettes would provide. I've been hooked on ephedrine and caffeine stacks, but that's more because I tend to stay on the stuff for 6 to 8 weeks at a time when cutting and then quitting cold turkey afterwards. But I didn't have any problems stopping nicotine usage after a two week period of using it.

  5. Hey bro....... try taking a dip of cherry skoal or take a chew of levi Garrett. It is not addicting to me because i dont have to have it all the time, but it does supress your appetite alot.


  6. haha, baseball, your avatar is funny man.....

    Anyhow, I stopped over my parent's house today, and I ran across like 4 boxes of Nicoderm. (Their house is like a flea market/wally world, lol)

    It was my mother's when she decided to stop smoking due to the reality check her brother gave her when he was diagnosed w/ lung cancer.

    I asked If I could grab em up. I have 2 boxes of the 22mg and two of the 14mg. I' going to start using them along w/ the greentea I've been drinking to help further reduce fat storage while I'm still bulking. I still have not had to do a cutting phase yet-- knock on wood, but I'm getting closer an closer to having to.

    So, anybody that has any suggestions or some tips on what else I should do, or change up to get some descent results w/ these, hit me up.

    I think I'm gonna break down and buy some ALcar and R-ALA too, since I'm just gonna do the natural thing for a while. But, funds haven't caught back up w/ the wallet just yet.

    As far as suppressing app., I dont care for it. But, I'm just trying to take advantage of reduced fat-storage and mobilization if possible. I think I'll use some B12 for it as I have a couple of sublingual bottles of it.

    Questions on the B-12 though, how many mg is needed for increased appetite w/ the sub. route? how much is toxic? Also, I have a couple bottles of vitamin-E that my aunt gave me, worthwhile at all?

    My house is turning in to a supp store. heh.....


    --One more thing, I have heard that green tea has fluoride(sp) in it which reduces thyroid output. Is this true?

  7. I've just started chewing 1 or two 2mg pieces of the gum a day, just to help with appetite, and hoping that it will keep my leptin levels up. Nothing blunts my appetite like green tea though (drinking it - not the extract), I like the bitter, clean flavor. Anyway, Jergo, I'm not sure if you've ever smoked, but I'd start with the 14mg patches, and if you start feeling dizzy, naseous, etc. - take it off for a little while. If you get too much nicotine in a smoke, through your lungs, the effects subside within a few minutes. If you get too much through the patch, gum or a cigar for that matter - the absorption is slow enough that you've got to ride it out for 30-60 minutes, and it sucks!

  8. ummm.. dip is addictive, I'm quitting... for the fourth time! But if that is the route you choose, go with Skoal Straight, less taste in your mouth, less bull**** thought that your breath actually smells good afterwards!


    P.S. if cheap and with flavor is your goal, Timberwolf Mint is acceptable... way too much knowledge on dip from a kid in the north

  9. Heh, yea I used to smoke at least a pack a day from the age of 15-21. I have quit for about a year now. I found that I can quit easier than most cuz I have asthma which is an incentive. I know, I'm stupid, I was one of those kids in high school that didn't care about didley squat and ran over people in my quest to get what I wanted, etc.

    Thats behind me know though. Funny thing is, that I had used a 14mg patch yesterday w/out any problems, but today, I had it on for a few hours and started to fell faint. So, I took it off and forgot to put it back on, LOL. I think I might be able to cut it in half, I'll have to read the label info more.

    I can relate to the green tea. It surpresses mine too. Makes me feel really full right after I drink it. I found a good deal on the caps down here, so I might give them a shot.

    Oh yea, I had taken (1) 2500mg sublingual tablet of my B12 today, and I could definately tell an increase in appetite. Def. not placebo, as I tend to forget a lot of what I do every day, heh.

  10. If you get too much through the patch, gum or a cigar for that matter - the absorption is slow enough that you've got to ride it out for 30-60 minutes, and it sucks!
    I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment, as I've had a few instances where I've ingested more nicotine than I can tolerate through gum form. It's a horrendous feeling to say the least, complete with cold sweats and nausea. I would have slept during these periods, but due to stimulation from the nicotine that simply isn't possible, and it really seems there isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

    I've also read that until you build up a tolerance for nicotine you could cut the patch in half, thus halving the dosage that you'd be taking in.

    I don't know whether there's anything out there that could truly dull my appetite though, I think I could chew a 4mg piece of nicotine gum while downing a cup of green tea and follow that up with a big juicy steak.

  11. I just started a cut utilizing it. Heres my thread at Avant


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