Fat burning muscle building stack

  1. Fat burning muscle building stack

    Need to drop the spare tire and pump up the arms and chest. I am between PH cycles so what think ye about the following:

    Anabolic Pump
    Either Powerfull or Leviathan (comments?)
    Incarnate or Super Cissus (opinions?)
    MyoZene for the pre and post workout protein
    MHP's nightime stack Cyclin and Probolic-SR

    And then the usual sup-spects:

    Blood Pressure Factors
    Ground Flax

    Wanna jack the test naturally and shed some fat. I workout 4-5 days a week and have a solid plan. Just want to super charge the results for the effort.

  2. levithan, Super cissus,drop the myozene and Mhp. You can get better products for less cost.

  3. Leviathan is going to give you better fat burning, although I'm a fan of PowerFULL as well. If you're looking for sheer joint/ligament support I'd say Super Cissus, but Incarnate will offer not only that support but also Beta Alanine for your workouts, which I find really intensifies my workout.

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