Protein ?

  1. Protein ?

    On monday i'm gonna start taking bsn cellmass, mri no2, and I have 10lbs of protein isolate.
    Cellmass is supposed to be taken right after working out and the second serving 8 hours befor or after the first serving, or at bed time.
    NO2 is supposed to be taken at 4 caps 30 minutes before breakfast and 4 caps 30 minutes before lunch.
    My question is when would the best times to take the protein. And I think i'm gonna go with taking cellmass after workouts and at bed time. So does anyone have any ideas?

  2. You should take the protein as soon as you finish your workout with carbs and the cellmass.

  3. Why did you get MRI no2? Its not going to help you gain weight.

  4. What negative results would I get from adding NO2 to my supplements, in what way would it hinder gaining weight.

    So taking cellmass and the protein at the same time wouldn't cause any problems?
  5. Not at all

    Youre body is like a sponge after an intense workout, its ready to assimilate anything you consume. Use this to your advantage.

  6. take cellmass as soon as ur done lifting, as soon as ur done, and protein 1/2 an hour later. R u taking any pre workout creatine? Plus, dunno if this is true or not but a website that verifies the label claims of supps(can i post its name or not?) has tested cellmass and found the CEM3 to be just CM

  7. Thanks for the advice on the protein and cellmass.

    But from what djbombsquad said makes me ask, is there any reason I shouldn't take the NO2?

  8. NO2 will not hinder weight gain but it will not help. It will just give you more vascularity with an increase in the "pump" feeling but has no benefit in muscle mass.


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