1. Androgens

    I am on powerfull right now. I really like it so far. I can feel I am getting thicker and stronger but I've also noticed I am more relaxed and have more confidence since being on it. I am on TRT becuase of low T, so I am always worried I will lose libido, lose ercetion, ect. Since being on Powerfull I noticed I do not worry about all this as much. I am taking 4 day, two bottle should last me about 44 days. Then should I by more and conitune or take a week to two week break then start back up. Also what other Androgens are out there that you guys like. I've been looking at sarmX and methyl 1d. Any thoughts?

  2. I'd take a small break, and restart.

  3. 1D and sarmX wont do much for u imo... get some DHEA if u really want some extra androgens.. or just go back on powerfull. look into Alri Restore that was gr8 for me.

  4. Demacrine is also a good choice.

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