Anybody here heard of Methyl-XS? I would like to know if its good

  1. Anybody here heard of Methyl-XS? I would like to know if its good

    Hello all: Anybody here heard of Methyl-XS? And is this supplement good for increasing muscle strength while on a weight loss diet?

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  2. All the write ups I've seen for Methyl XS say that it's an M1P clone with some other stuff thrown in. If you're looking to use something hormonal there are better alternatives than this.
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  3. So: what supplement or natural testosterone booster do u recomend for me so i could gain some strength in my basic exercises like bench press, while on a weight loss, low calorie diet?


  4. I've tossed around the idea of carb cycling while using Anabolic Pump.

    Hyperdrol seems to be a pretty solid product. I would stack it with a cortisol blocker.

    There are so many different ways to approach this though. Have a look through the weight loss forum and post back with any ideas that you come up with. We'll help you out from there:
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Hyperdrol seems to be a pretty solid product. I would stack it with a cortisol blocker.
    How would hyperdrol + cort blocker compared to mass fx + cort blocker?

  6. The Hyperdrol and cort would be cheaper, lol...Idunno, but Hyperdrol does have an aromatase inhibitor and MFX does could really do all three if you have the cash.

    The more I think about this the more I would like to try a cycle consisting of: Anabolic Pump, Hyperdrol (or MFX) and a cort blocker...all while carb cycling!

    I would take the Hyperdrol as directed to help boost test and become anabolic. The cort blocker would be used every AM and prior to my workouts. This would be to help keep cortisol at a low level without completely eliminating it. The AP would help fight off catabolism as well since it would provide an environment for increased glycogen storage
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