1. Gamma-o

    Why does everyone think GAMMA-O is crap? Please do not post the only study that tries to show GAMMA-o is no good because in this study they gave the MEGA DOSE of 500mg and this amount shows it had no anabolic effects. Has anyone used it at a higher dose? say 4000-5000mg or more? well if so you would see that the effects are worth looking into this product. Yes I know GAMMA_O is very pricy but if you look around you can buy a two-three month supply from EQUIADE for about 60.00 bucks. I have used it and love what I get out of it, my father who is 65 and does not work out but since he started it he has a huge increase in energy, and even muscle tone. I would say give it a try and see what you think.

  2. You didn't list a non-sponsor retailer did you? yep ya did. Gamma-O was a waste when I got suckered into it. Glad it worked for you. I found other things that work that don't cost as much.

  3. There is a reason that it has been a fringe product for 20 years...
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. First post listing another web site talking about a junk product.

  5. Hey guys Im not sure what you are saying if you think I work for someone or not but that is far out of line. First off Gamma is not a product registerd only to the company you think IM talking about so lay off. Im talking about the actual product.

  6. Its just rice bran oil yeah? (or snake oil)

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bigman1 View Post
    Hey guys Im not sure what you are saying if you think I work for someone or not but that is far out of line. First off Gamma is not a product registerd only to the company you think IM talking about so lay off. Im talking about the actual product.

    In all seriousness, don't act suprised if people accuse you of working for whatever company puts out that product. You just registered, and this was your first post. Literally, more than 9 out of 10 users who do what you just did are reps for a company. To make madders worse, you posted a non-sponsor of the board, telling us that you're really new here, and not someone who has been "lurking" around the boards soaking up info. Whoever you are, you're going to need to accept your position. It's like finding the bloody the knife of a murder in your closet, and not understanding why people are accusing you.

    If you have a review for the product, post it in the Supplement Review section. Or better yet, post it in the link provided by another user where it's already being discussed.

  8. I will respect anyones thoughts but you right Im new and so has everyone else here. There is very little information out there on this product so I have joined what I thought was one of the best supplement boards. I have been on the "other" boards a bit but your right Im new but that should not mean that the board should not help me. Im looking for advice, maybe this is the wrong board then, I hope not because it seems like a lot of good bros. Bottom line take out the brand name or whatever the mods need to do bottom line is Im looking for some answers from others and also to state my thoughts. Later

    MOD EDIT: You could have read the rules first. The rules you accepted to abide by when you joined. If you ignored them, the fault lies in you, not us.
  9. Gamma-O

    Hey guys. I do work for the company that makes Gamma-O, but I'm not here pumping our product or doing any false advertising. I'm a bodybuilder - turned MMA fighter, but I can answer questions about Gamma and most other supplements for that matter.
    I know our product works great, as I get my blood drawn every 90 days to check my levels. Over the last 4 years I have tried almost every Test booster on the market, and IMO, Gamma-O works better than most.
    I know the product is pricey, but if you understand the science behind it, you'll understand why it's expensive.
    Gamma-O encourages your body to produce more Test, it is not synthetic, and deffinitely not as effective as an injectible anabolic.
    I can only speak for my personal results. My baseline Test levels are around 400 ng/dl. I can keep my levels between 900 - 1100 by using Gamma-O and an anti-estrogen.
    We offer a 100% money back guarantee. We get very little business from bodybuilders, the majority of our business comes from drug tested sports like UFC, MLB, and NFL.
    I am available to answer any questions that any of you might have. I'm not looking for a debate. If you don't like our product, I'm sure there is something on the market that would appeal to you.
    All the best ----Jitz


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