pre-workout advice

  1. pre-workout advice

    as of right now, my routine is basically to have a small meal, usually consisting of maybe a couple of turkey burgers (46 grams) and some veggies, and like an apple. thats about 1.5 to 1 hour before. then i take animal pump, which used to work for me, but now i find myself having to take 2 packs to feel anything. im thinking about getting xceed or the drive/rpm combo. what other good supps can you guys recommend? looking to stay away from buying bulk to save space in my room

  2. rpm is a great preworkout if you can take stims well. I liked vasoXplode by scivation the most for preworkout energy. Or you could always go cheap and pound a cup of black coffee.

  3. along with the aforementioned, some stims i like are x-force and amp. r4w is also getting good reviews. if you want a drink mix ragnarok is a good choice.

  4. i think im gonna go with xceed, stacked with the leviathan reloaded i should be getting any day now for some energy.

  5. waxy maize starch + NO-Shotgun = amazing


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