DCP and LX 2 Stack?

  1. DCP and LX 2 Stack?

    How would you stack these 2? I've decided to use these 2 products to lose fat but this would be my first time with supplements besides protein and was wondering about stacking or if I need to taper on/off? Also would these work if Im 15? Thanks any help would be appreciated

  2. You're 15!?!

  3. ya but Ive been lifting for a while

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Michael71 View Post
    ya but Ive been lifting for a while
    Do not take the LX2. You are way too while to take anything that effects your hormones. Also, at 15, "lifting for a while" cannot be that long. Focus on your diet and training and you while be fine.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Ive been lifting for 2 years solid for football and body fat has gone down by 10 percent to 14 percent but I still need to lose a little flab, what fat loss supplements could help

  6. Yeah, I would not recommend this while 15.

    If you absolutely feel you have to add something in to lean you out, pick up some Tea-GCG capsules and Bulk Fish Oil softgels and use those.
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  7. what about Leviathan? if not that what type would I be looking for that wouldn't screw up my hormones and that

  8. Leviathan I could not, in good conscience, recommend to someone your age.
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    Flawless Skin Couture - We give you the tools to make you Flawless

  9. Michael71, "lifting for a while" is four, five, six + years. I've been lifting for a while too (18 years) and you need to seriously listen to the people on this board. Supplements are for when your body is no longer producing what it normally can. At 15 your body is just about to kick start on it's own! Don't screw things up now. Like more 15-20 year olds, you're gonna do whatever you [email protected] well want to do. Take in everything you can here and go forward. Just like the header on AM says, "learn teach lead"


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