Is this the best multi on the market?

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  1. Go look how many supplements have magnesium stearate in em, then tell me who's scamming. If they were scamming, they would've put it all under some proprietary blend heading, instead of itemizing each ingredient with exact amount. That's as upstanding and legit as it gets. Don't like the ingredient or amount? Go buy something else.

  2. I actually agree with you. The guy I was quoting was talking about a multi with two askerisk(spelling?) next to spirulina. I believe the magnesium stearate scam is a worse scam, but people should still be aware of the "spirulina by the miligram" scam.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    MST's MVP365 is nice at around $20 a month

    Millennium Sport
    you betcha

    Quote Originally Posted by jasonschaffin View Post
    Yeah have considered it a few times but there were some things posted on another site that explained what was wrong with it. Can't remember what it was now, but for the price ADAM seemed a better deal to me at the time.
    As I said earlier, I really like the ACES in this one. (vitamin a blend, vitamin C blend, vitamin E blend, selenium source)
    Yeah there are a lot of threads somewhere else that pretend there are things wrong with our vitamin/minerals. I have begun to comment back to those and surprisingly.....the threads are not being bumped.

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    With MVP-365 you need a separate mineral formula, ZMK. Figure this in to the cost.
    Also figure into that fact that you are meant to supplement with your vitamins by day and your minerals by night...which is why we have seperated them for the consumer. You can almost always buy the stack on sale somewhere and even if not, we always have amazing coupon codes at our website for members of the newsletter.

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    What is wrong w/ it?
    Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    Nothing. The thread is in the Millennium section.
    nothing, and yes.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    Three in the morning and three before bedtime. Its a forty five days supply. A little expensive for a Multi , well worth it to me esp the four joint ingredeients and the digestive enymzes; although, I take in four thousand calories , starting today, the gas had come back and if the digestive enyzems doesn't contain it, than Im going to have to get some gut health or Nows super digestive enzymes. It is just gross to smell foul most of the time. and on top of that you have to explain to your loved ones that youll be smelling really bad coming up and I dont want you to get grossed out if I smell like a dead animal.
    You may want to consider Animal Pak since it has a fully dosed digestive enzyme complex



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