Important News for all Anabolic & CKD dieters

  1. Important News for all Anabolic & CKD dieters

    If you like fruity flavored stuff then you must try this. It's the top 3 best shakes I have ever had and by far the best for me. Best of all it fits in the diet perfectly

    1 scoop Nectar Caribbean Cooler
    8oz Hood 2% reduced calorie Milk
    1TBS Heavy Whipping Cream
    Ice cubes

    Grind that bad boy up and prepare to be amazed by not only the nutritional content but the Taste is AWESOME!!!!

    Nutritional Facts
    Calories: 235
    Fat: 11gr
    Protein: 31gr

    Perfect for your post workout shake
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  2. wow that looks amazing man! My grocery stores don't carry Hood Milk anymore though . Really ausome looking though!

  3. They never had Hood or Calorie Countdown milk up here in Canada. Then again I'm not on a CKD diet, but I think that's how I'll trim down for when the summer comes. I always like seeing other people's recipes for shakes, mine tend to be rather ubiquitous. Scoop of whey, cup of milk, cup of oats... rinse and repeat lol.

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