Anti-Cort Supps and lethargy?

  1. Anti-Cort Supps and lethargy?

    I began taking 2 X-Leans from IBE PWO ony (I work out in the morning). Ive been lethargic/unmotivated as hell (one week in).

    Typically, along with my venom hyperdrive I take an hour prior, I'm zinging after a workout for the next 4-5 hours.
    Not anymore.

    What gives? Do these anti-corts compete with stimulants? It completely disabled my Venom 3.0

    No changes in diet, etc


  2. Nobody answered so I'll give it a shot.

    Never used X-Lean, but I take Retain-2 at night for better sleep. Cortisol is your energy hormone. If it goes too low then yes you will feel tired. If its high at night, you won't sleep (like me). Its supposed to be high in the AM and low in the PM, so maybe dose it at night or take less.

  3. Cortisol is involved in the processes that free up energy via catabolism. Suppressing it can down grade one of your availiable energy sources.

  4. dancebot is correct,

    stimulant will affect adrenaline, flight or fight response IS stress related or cortisol related, if X-Lean eliminates it then yes you just did a fine scientific experiment to prove the theory and also the fact that XLean does work.

    as for the result you are looking for, how about you take it afterwards and maybe lower the dosage?

  5. Thanks for the hits. I will try this and post back


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