Which should I choose??

  1. Which should I choose??

    Diesel Test Hardcore, T-Force, or Activate Extreme? Looking to add some mass. I will probably be stacking any with Pslin. Feel free to offer an alternative as well and if you could give a reason you chose one over the other two. Thanks guys.

  2. I am getting ready to try Diesel test, I don't know yet, I haven't heard of t-force, and activate extreme I heard can shut you down some. I look forward to which one you choose and what it does for ya.

  3. T-force is made by Omega. I have not read of Activate shutting you down. Guess i'll do alittle more searching.

  4. ummm no it cant shut you down, jungle warfare can... but those two are far different. Activate EX will increase test levels, specifically free test levels, if act ex is taken with another test booster or AI then the effects are just that much more pronounced and makes sure all that freet test doesnt turn into est from Aromatase.

  5. I think Trip is running a log with DTH and snd something else here. Might want to search for it. I will see if I can find.

  6. Would it be advised to run an AI with Activate Extreme? Any suggestions for the best bang for your buck?

  7. From what I've gathered, T-Force appears to be purely a testosterone booster, different from DTC and AE. Different compounds, and likely a different pathway (DTC and AE both contain similiar ingredients to a certain extent).
    Moreso, you could consider stacking T-Force with either or, or better yet find an AI to stack with it. Although unrelated, I plan on running T-Force/Formestane (transdermal) for the PCT of my next light cycle.

    I have yet to try DTC, but I have had success with AE @ 6 caps daily. Definitly will bring results - Divanil is a productive ingredient for sure.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by joebo View Post
    Would it be advised to run an AI with Activate Extreme? Any suggestions for the best bang for your buck?
    post cycle therapy. or even better hyperdrol X2, i prefer 6-bromo over the other AI's out there, ATD and 6-oxo, but they ALL are considered steroidal AI's and have a little controversy surrounding them regarding suppresion with higher doses.... any should be fine though if taken at a moderate dose and i really liked what hyperdrol x2 did for me... it has such a high dose of 6-bromo though i truely think you could dose less then recommended and be able to still get a desireable effect as far as blocking aromatase is concerned. just compare it to PCT wich has less pills containing less 6-bromo as well, just get the HX2 and dose the equivilent amount as that in PCT and youll have enough for 2 NHA stacks... or just run it full bore and get even better results.

    not to mention you COULD try taking Mass FX wich is a VERY similar compound to Act Ex but if you went that route id hold off till the end of the month when the new and improved one is released... looks AWESOME!

  9. What would be a good dose of bulk ATD to run along with Activate Extreme?

  10. no more then 75mg ed.... but id go a little less then that. maybe 25mg in the morn and 25mg before bed....

  11. Trips log is going great by the looks of it. The Diesel Test Hardcore looks good, I just ordered some and some Ready 4 War, esp since the r4w increases the test enhancement of the DTH if taken together. Great combo.


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