12 Week Jungle Warfare and Drive Cycle:twisted:

  1. 12 Week Jungle Warfare and Drive Cycle:twisted:

    ok my cycle will look like this...

    Weeks 1-5 - JW(5 Ed)
    Weeks 6-8 - JW(5 Ed) + Drive(7Ed)
    Weeks 9-12 - Drive(7Ed)

    With the usual extra supplements like BCAA's, Some Creatine Mono, and will be buying 1 bottle of RPM as well. Im guessing i will have to dose the RPM at 5 caps preworkout cause my weight...ok is this good or should i add something...what should i expect from the drive...and what should i expect from the RPM....thanks

  2. what is ur height, weight? have u ever taken JW before?

  3. im 6'4 and around 225 give or take a few pounds...havent weighed myself in forever...and yes i have i did a 8 week cycle when JW first came out at 6 caps a day...went great no side effects...just some joint issues...but made me feel strong as hell...

  4. ok, do u remember if the bottle was green or was it red?

  5. it was the old version...i thought the bottle was kinda blue...as i remember it...

  6. ok well there is a little difference between the old and new....it have been PROVEN that the newer (red bottle 2007) batches contain a steriod...although mild, still a steriod

    do a search and read all u can about it...there are many different view and standpoints about ppl saying u do/dont need a PCT for JW

    if u do go through with ur stack, id start JW at 4 caps per day and after 2 weeks if u see NOTHING (i likely doubt u wont) then bump it up 5 caps

    ps...u will LOVE Drive

  7. sure...what bout just JW at 4 for the first 10 days...then go ahead and bump it up...i doubt im gonna need any PCT but to be careful ill pick up some restore....so i can run the restore at 3 per day for 4 weeks while i finish my drive...

  8. yeah i guess the 4x10 and then bump it up wouldnt hurt, ur pretty large and some ppl have double dosed (6 caps) an 8 week cycle with the newer version...but yeah pick up restore....i personally have Post Cylce Support on hand in case any shutdown

    start using the restore the day after ur last JW dose and its fine to run along with Drive

  9. sounds good...what kind of results do u think i should expect from the RPM and Drive

  10. Just Drive and RPM?....definitely a great recomp stack

    you'll gain strength and lean out at the same time

  11. well like i said in my first post i was gonna do drive at the end of my JW cycle and through the whole thing i will be using RPM...

  12. JW - size, strength
    JW, Drive - more strength, lean gains
    Drive, RPM - more lean gains and awesome energy

    ps, with the drive or drive/rpm combo i HOPE u have a lady friend....because u will be wanting to use her quite frequently

  13. ALSO.....in case u were wondering,lol, im currently doing a log on all 3 supplements....check it out! im only on day 2

  14. haha...nope just lonesome ole me...well me and "Palmela Anderson"...so time to get my head back in the game...


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