A good night time protein

  1. A good night time protein

    Ok I did a search on here and found one good thread on bedtime proteins but I just wanted another opinion. I was thinking about getting Sportsphrama's Lean Protein Powder and was wondering if this is a good option or should I go with something like Optimum Nutrition's Pro-Complex? Just mainly wondering if Sportsphrama's Lean Protein is any good or if there are other better options out there. I did a search on another site and so far I hear its pretty good stuff. I want to make sure its a slow release protein (probably a casein) and I'm not so sure if Pro-Complex is.

  2. Pro Complex is a mix and a affordable choice.

    Pro Labs lean mass Matrix,Syntrax Isomatrix,HDT Pro Blend are much better choices.

  3. I've used the Optimum ProComplex and liked it, but have never used the Sportspharma.

    However, I like knowing exactly what I'm getting in my protein blends so I'm using a custom blend from Protein Customizer. Here is the link to my thread about it.

    I liked it so much that I reordered the exact same thing.


  4. I have tried pro complex as well and it is good, but I have been using Labrada Pro V60 chocolate and the stuff just rocks for a nightime protein. The ingredients are perfect.

  5. Optimum Complete Protein Diet is another one.

    Personally though I will be using 70/30 MPI/Egg from PC.

  6. I've used ISS Micellar Matrix and was pretty happy with that.

  7. Lean Protein looks like a very solid blend.

    Taste reviews haven't been so good though - if that matters.

  8. Actually I thought the Vanilla lean mass tastes pretty good

  9. I prefer regular food. Lowfat cottage cheese is good and is reasonably slow digesting.

  10. I suggest checking out protein customizer's blends. I'm very pleased with both their day time and night time blends. Good luck finding better quality blends at their prices.

  11. I just use Optimum Pro Complex (whey & egg) and mix with milk and flax oil, I'm happy


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