I Just Love My RPM!!!!

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  1. I Just Love My RPM!!!!

    Just got back on it, it's such a great feeling, I missed it! Add some PEA and ALCAR and you have some BADASS EPHORIA! That is all, I need to go run for a couple hours now!!!!!! WOOOOT!

  2. Nice man! I am psyched to try mine in the near future!

  3. you wont be disappointed.....RPM is an awesome product, helped me hit a lot of new PR's the first couple times I took it before a workout

  4. Never tried the Alcar addition... but may have to give it a go!!!
  5. Definitely!

    Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth View Post
    Just got back on it, it's such a great feeling, I missed it! Add some PEA and ALCAR and you have some BADASS EPHORIA! That is all, I need to go run for a couple hours now!!!!!! WOOOOT!
    RPM+ALCAR FTW....that combo rocks...RPM gets you jacked and the ALCAR gives you that clear focus so that you can let unleash that aggression from RPM on the weights.... However, I may try the PEA sometime with the combo as well...good suggestion!
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  6. thanks guys I have been experimenting with different combos for RPM and have come up with some pretty cool effects. Just call me the RPM mad scientist!

  7. So this thread got me a little curious to what RPM was like so i finally tried the sample of it I had,
    results were inconclusive, I am going to need some more to really judge it.

    J/K RPM was amazing. I took 5 pills I hour after a big Pslin meal and I had an intense F*****N Workout. I will be picking up more of this when I can afford it. Awesome product guys and thanks to the started of this thread for reminding me i had a sample.
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  8. That would be me!

  9. i may need to try this Alcar i have good energy and aggrssion on rpm but the aggression is so spread out and random most of it is on the way home from gym ill have random spurts from music and shi* but awesome product i also use this with pslin and i love the combo best workouts ever

  10. definetly add in some pea also, the combo of all 3 is insane!

  11. ive doubled dosed pea with rpm for insane euphoric highs

    i hear arginine slows down the pea breakdown which allowed for the greater feeling
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  12. makes me want to end my Lev-R, DCP stack and go straight into the good stuff.

  13. leviathon is a great fat burner in it own right, just doesn't have the stim effect that RPM gives, but it still an ausome fat burner!

  14. Awesome potential recomp stack; leviathan reloaded, Alcar and RPM.... yum.

  15. RPM+Drive = Good Times!!!!!

  16. 4 RPM, 2 Basic Cuts(it has PEA) and 5 clear edge: great workout!

  17. Ive heard so many good reviews about RPM - think its time to give it a try...

  18. this **** is amazing. been working too much lately too have any energy to do anything worth while in the gym. took three caps before my work out today and had better work out/pump than on superdrol. already feel like hitting the weights again

  19. yea man I hear ya! SD made me very lethargic, RPM gives you the same if not better pumps and comes along with some seriouse energy. I did love the gains I made on SD though! But my PH days are over, going the safer route now.

  20. Yeah, I use ALCAR with it. Very cool indeed.

  21. I am going to be trying some RPM with sulbutiamine very soon. I have high hopes for this stack.
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  22. With ALCAR sounds interesting, I had a few RPM left over and tried it with my DCP dose (PLCAR) and the energy was nice.

  23. alcar is freakin awesome
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  24. you know what else is ausome???? ME!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by TheMyth View Post
    you know what else is ausome???? ME!
    Perhaps, but your spelling sucks.


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