Nootropics and where to buy?

  1. Question Nootropics and where to buy?

    Ive been reading about piracetam and im really interested by this kind of supplement but I dont know whats a good posology and if theres something better than piracetam. I know that I can buy this stuff online but do any of you know if theres a retail store icould go to in montreal or could it be purchased at a pharmacy...I honestly dont know anything about this kind of stuff so any recommendation is welcomed.

  2. Pramiracetam is between 8 and 30 times more effective than piracetam. On the other hand, if you look carefully you can find piracetam in bulk powder so you can mix it with orange juice or whatever (it's quite bitter). I love them- after they've had time to build up in the system they really help you think clearly and give you a bunch of... emotional / mental energy I guess I'd describe it. Almost no toxicity, very cheap, etc. etc.

    I've always bought them online though. I've bought piracetam here - they had a great deal on it (like 10 boxes for $20 or something) many months ago. All my other nootropics I've gotten from anti-aging systems just go down the best-selling list on the right, read what they have to say, and then read up on them on wikipedia.

    Honestly, I don't know how I functioned without them. And I can't believe people still use caffeine, with half the effectiveness, ten times the toxicity, the crashes and withdrawals, when there are things so much better out there... Anyway...

    Ed: If you order from antiaging- make sure whatever your ordering is legal first (wikipedia is a good place to start). Obviously piracetam etc. are legal (and safe) everywhere.

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  3. Nutraplanet .com baby

    Piractem(sp) one of the best ever. Choline..clear edge is a nice lil formula! Sulb, Geranium (is this a neuro?)

    Make sure you take Piractem with choline. No seels both. Choline citrate
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