Drive, IGF-2

  1. Drive, IGF-2

    I just took 3 caps of each this morn, empty stomach all i drink is water, I felt really disoriented, dizzy real light headed any reasons why? or is it the Drive or the IGF-2?

  2. Probably from just waiting a half hour to eat anything since your body is in need of food upon waking. Do you normally go without eating 30 min after you wake up? I know for me when I first started doing that it took my body a week or so to get used to not eating immediatly upon waking.

  3. i usally wait like an hour but i think ima drop the drive down to 2 caps ,

  4. i mean my stomach is good nothing wrong with that, just feeling really dizzy like a drunk dizzy, but its like as soon as i pop them in i feel it, and uaslly i dont eat as soon as i get up like if i get up around 7 i dont eat till bout 8 maybe 8:30, would it be because of the IGF-2 o rthe DRIVE to hihg of doseage or sumtin?

  5. drive can possibly lower blood sugar a little, but it shouldn't make that big a difference.

  6. well i will try and drop it down to 2 caps

  7. I started these today as well and have been having some stomach issues shortly afterwards. After about an hour it seems to wear off but eating within that hour doesn't feel pleasant. My nutrition has been bad these past couple of days as I've been out enjoying myself before school starts this coming Monday.

  8. Its the Forslean, just lower you dosage and see if that helps with the stomach distress.

  9. I kept the normal dosage today and felt alright, if it bothers me in the future I'll lower the dose and see what happens. I had a great leg workout today, I didn't expect to feel so much so soon.

  10. i just take 2 of each today it was good i just chewed on a small piece of jerky and it settled it.

  11. another option vika is to take 3 drives, and try it with some orange, grapefruit or apple juice. that way you get a little bit of sugar in with it

  12. try to even get the low/no calorie oj or grapefruit so you trick your body into thinking its getting calories when its not, while not affecting the a asorption of the Drive and IGF-2. Works for me when I am doing morning cardio.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    drive can possibly lower blood sugar a little, but it shouldn't make that big a difference.


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