big question need help

  1. big question need help

    I have a problem with my lower pec being very soft. The rest of it is like a rock however i cant seem to get rid of this fat and the fat on my sides. Now i am not an obese person im 6 foot and 220lbs with around 13 or 14 percent bodyfat ( have not gotten it measured since jan.) i am a college linebacker so i am in good shape. Now i was thinking of running a one month cycle of drive rpm and leviathan to help with this lose of body fat and keep getting stronger. My diet is clean, and im wondering what you guys think i should do to lose this. Would this stack elminate this or help to elminate this? Thanks!

  2. it wont hurt to try it. try rpm/drive/igf-2.

  3. have a look at this article - it is a long read but I think you'll find it to be very informative: Pharmacological Approaches to Fat Loss: Targeting Beta-Adrenergic Receptors

  4. thats a great article.

  5. Leviathan reloaded + Drive would be great

  6. yea i was thinking of doing a log on this, but im not sure if i will see any noticable gains with one bottle of each and running them together.

  7. bump...

  8. if you check out irishcannon's before and after, he had great results with 1 bottle of leviathan reloaded


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