Suggest a good muscle builder

  1. Suggest a good muscle builder

    I'm looking to try something new and I am open to suggestions. I'm 27, 6', 192lbs and looking to add some mass. I've been supplement free for a couple weeks now. I recently ran about a 2 month run of Drive. I've been comtiplating Activate Extreme, but not sure if it will do much on its own and have been reading about it killing your wood. Interested in Phyto-test, but its a bit pricey and no feedback really yet. Lets here some suggestions. Thanks.

  2. jungle warfare with a mild pct would be my suggestion

  3. How about Demacrine? There's been some pretty good feedback so far.

  4. AX should not hurt you libido. Infact everything in it should bolster libido. There was a thread I remember where a guy thought it was the AX, but it ended up being fine.

    Diesel Test Hardcore is about as good as it gets. The new Massfx (and the old one for that matter) looks pretty sweet. JW is strong, but I would avoid it. Pslin is a different method for building, but it is a great product.

  5. SyntheSIZE as a nice, non-hormonal cell-volumizer and meal-optimizer-

    You can stack it with other products, like Activate Extreme, Dermacrine, etc.

  6. Junglewarfare sounds good to me. Or you could go the food/muscle fueling route with AP & Pslin

    I'm doing both. JW with AP&Pslin with Drive/RPM as mild PCT.

  7. Have you tried Creatine Mono and some good protein?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by gsrhtch View Post
    Have you tried Creatine Mono and some good protein?
    Yes, and I consider those to be staple supplements. How is MassFx by itself? I haven't done much research on dermacrine, i'll look into that.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by joebo View Post
    Yes, and I consider those to be staple supplements.

  10. Activate Extreme works great in regards to libido, in my opinion preference is 3 caps per lean out and have subtle gains along with nice mood improvements.

    Throw in some BCAAs, good creatine product, Beta Alanine, multi, fish oil, clean diet and you're laughing.

    Oh and good routine with plenty of rest.

  11. There is no better mass builder than food. Instead of spending $$$ on supps (yes, I know this is the supp forum) maybe consider hiring a nutritionist or just learning more on the subject.
    Then once you've plateau'd, you can supplement from there. Being 27 and 192, there's alot you can do by just eating more of the proper macros in the right ratios.


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