Thoughts On My Recomp Stack!!!

  1. Thoughts On My Recomp Stack!!!

    I've got a good stock pile of non-hormonals that I want to make a NHA stack out of along with some other goodies. Im 27, 219 lbs, about 13-15 percent BF and have done numerous PH, PS, and AAS cycles but I tend to stray from these as of late and focus more on general health and keeping what lil bit of hair Ive got left! Ill be using the following staples-

    Yellow Gold
    Creatine Mono
    fish oil
    swith between Adrenaline, Power Jolt, and RPM for pre-workout on drag ass days

    This is what I have to choose from for my stack-

    Bulk Nettle
    Alpha Drive
    94 Percent ECDY
    Long Jack
    Melting Point (this killed my libido last time I used)

    I want to recomp and will keep cals at about maintenance and do cardio 20-30 minutes after most workouts. Protein will be about 350 grams. I dont like the kitchen sink approach so Id like scale the above list down to a nice recomp stack. What do you guys think???

  2. Here is what I would if I were you!

    Drive- 6 caps split twice a day (3 and 3) taken an hour before food.

    DCP- WAY better than Melting point IMO, has multible ingredients for targeting fat loss. Melting Point is only TTA, DCP is TTA and then some. Take it 30 mintutes before meals.

    Those along with you staples shoudl make for an excellent recomp my man. Drive/RPM/DCP are going to hit you at multible pathways for fatloss and muscle gain. Set it up and get ripped man! Make sure your diet and training are in check first!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations bro. I absolutely loved Drive when I used 6 caps ed on the last go round. I remember Dsade mentioning DCP was formulated for less libido damage than straight TTA, I think Ill have to give it a shot. I do have some gyno on one side that even now has some pain. Ive tried nolva with little success. I used havoc b4 and had good gyno reduction so Ill do another go round with that some time down the road. What do think about using the form with Drive to prevent any further gyno irritation?

  4. Would definetly be worth it, give it a try and let us know how it goes, you may have a great stack for otheres to try in reducing gyno!

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