Creatine & NO2 during or after PCT

  1. Creatine & NO2 during or after PCT

    whattup everybody, well basically i am running a superdrol NG cycle.
    for 4 weeks i will be taking superdrol NG, Mass FX, Trib, and milk thistle. For my Post Cycle Therapy I am taking PCT, Retain 2, and Tribulus Terrestris. Now I was wondering if I should take my creatine and nitric oxide during my PCT or after. The creatine and nitric oxide i will be taking is Nutrabolics AE2 and CEO "Skin Bursting Stack." along with Anabolic Window(post-workout supp). Every1's opinion, critique, anything will help. Really need the advice, thank you everyone!

  2. I'd do a standalone run of Superdrol NG. Leave the Mass FX for a later date.

    Try doing a search (upper right-hand corner) for 'Superdrol NG.' Reading what other people have done will also help. Some of us have first-hand experience running this, others don't.

    I don't think it'd be good to combine other stacks with NG, but you can take support supplements, such as Creatine, Xtend, etc.

    You could purchase the Milk Thistle, Hawthorne Berry, and whatever else you wanted individually, or you could just take AI's Cycle Support, which contains everything to help keep your body in order (for the most part.) It definitely won't hurt to spare any extra change for this. It'll do you a lot of good. You could also always purchase AI's Post Cycle Support also.

    Good luck.

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