Added strength and enhance sexual pleasure

  1. Added strength and enhance sexual pleasure

    I had a bad post cycle or something went wrong a long time ago with a prohormone cycle which my side effects I'm still feeling to this day (been almost 2 years now). My g/f is concerned but I no longer am able to get as errect as I used to be able to or sustain it for very long. I know there are tons of suplements out there for this problem but I'd love to find one that can add some more strength along with maybe helping with this problem I have. I saw posted somewhere about UspLabs PowerFull and I'm sure there are others. Any suggestions or experience about this topic would be helpful.

  2. RPM+Aspire.and water.

  3. Leviathan, Aspire, and Slick Pleasures makes me a sexual dynamo.
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  4. I've never seen more man juice flying than when on high dosed Paravol.

  5. A quality Test booster(Hypertest, Paravol, T-Force, Trib Test Extreme, or Diesel Test)along with a NO boosting product. Of the ones that I mentioned, Diesel Test already had NO prouct in the formula. You might actually benefit from that formula moreso than the others. Aspire was great, but I like to think of this as something that you'd want to have a lasting recovery from anfd not necessarily a quick fix.

  6. i would seriously go to a DR. and have them run some tests. Thats definitely a problem that you need to find the source of. you may have low test and there may be something they can do to fix the problem instead of putting a band aid on it. for the time being i would try cialis. I haven't tried aspire yet. Slick pleasures is alo good too. But not as a stand alone for ED problems Its more like an enhancer for sexual pleasure.

  7. Agreed. IMO that is a serious problem and best to go to a Dr.

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  8. I guess going to the dr would be my best option. I just wondered if there would be other options other then that but I guess none of them would be long term fixes. Just curious what can a dr perscribe or do to fix the problem because I'm sure I'm not the only one to ever have this problem.

  9. well if your test is low they can put you on HRT. Thats where you would be given shots of testosterone or they can give you a test based gel to apply to your skin. If your libido is fine then test may not be the culprit and you may just have ED problems. They would give you something like viagra or cialis for that. I'm not DR. but just giving you my thoughts of what the DR. may do. your best bet is to definitely talk to one though

  10. I would try to run another PCT regimine before anything else.


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