Which of these is making me so damn hungry?

  1. Which of these is making me so damn hungry?

    I am taking

    Supercissus (3 a day)
    Retain2 (3 a day)
    Carbolin-19 (forskolin) 2 a day

    so hungry and it's very close to that hypoglycemic feeling sometimes.

    I have used cort control product before (7-cort )with no hunger side effects, but haven't used forskolin and cissus so i am thinking its cissus and forskolin doing something. I hope something positive.

  2. anyone?

  3. I've heard that Cissus CQR-300 can help control appetite. I'll see if I can dig up a study.

    EDIT: Title: The effect of Cissus quadrangularis (CQR-300) and a Cissus formulation (CORE) on obesity and obesity-induced oxidative stress.
    Author: Oben JE , Enyegue DM , Fomekong GI , Soukontoua YB , Agbor GA
    Source: Lipids Health Dis, 6(): 4 2007
    Service Fee: $12.00 ; Copyright Royalties: $0.00

    Abstract: AIM: Obesity is generally linked to complications in lipid metabolism and oxidative stress. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of a proprietary extract of Cissus quadrangularis (CQR-300) to that of a proprietary formulation containing CQR-300 (CORE) on weight, blood lipids, and oxidative stress in overweight and obese people. METHODS: The first part of the study investigated the in vitro antioxidant properties of CQR-300 and CORE using 3 different methods, while the second part of the study was a double-blind placebo controlled design, involving initially 168 overweight and obese persons (38.7% males; 61.3% females; ages 19-54), of whom 153 completed the study. All participants received two daily doses of CQR-300, CORE, or placebo and were encouraged to maintain their normal levels of physical activity. Anthropometric measurements and blood sampling were done at the beginning and end of the study period. RESULTS: CQR-300 as well as CORE exhibited antioxidant properties in vitro. They also acted as in vivo antioxidants, bringing about significant (p < 0.001) reductions in plasma TBARS and carbonyls. Both CQR-300 and CORE also brought about significant reductions in weight, body fat, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, and fasting blood glucose levels over the respective study periods. These changes were accompanied by a significant increase in HDL-cholesterol levels, plasma 5-HT, and creatinine. CONCLUSION: CQR-300 (300 mg daily) and CORE (1028 mg daily) brought about significant reductions in weight and blood glucose levels, while decreasing serum lipids thus improving cardiovascular risk factors. The increase in plasma 5-HT and creatinine for both groups hypothesizes a mechanism of controlling appetite and promoting the increase of lean muscle mass by Cissus quadrangularis, thereby supporting the clinical data for weight loss and improving cardiovascular health.
    Language: eng
    Unique Identifier:
    MajorMeSH Heading: Cissus
    MinorMeSH Heading Adult, Anti-Obesity Agents, Antioxidants, Body Weight, Double-Blind Method, Female, Flavonoids, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Obesity, Overweight, Oxidative Stress, Phenols, Placebos, Plant Extracts, Reference Values,

  4. it's the carbolin-19

    iim also on it, and i notice a slight increase in appetite, but ive always had a HUGE appetite.

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