What is the best stim-free, non-AI Test Booster?

  1. What is the best stim-free, non-AI Test Booster?

    I'm looking for a solid test/libido booster that isn't based around an AI like 6-oxo/ATD/Form/Bromo/etc. I haven't tried any herbal Test supps in the past.

    I'm going to be taking this on off days during a 3x/wk Epistane pulse to keep my natural production going.

    Needs to be stim-free, and I don't need a "kitchen sink" formula - I already take enough pills. I need to stimulate natural T production and libido.

  2. Drive or Activate Extreme.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that I'd like to be able to take the test booster at night and first thing in the morning on off days of my epi pulse.

  4. Drive

  5. IGF-2

    (in addition to the great suggestions above)

  6. Has anyone tried high doses of Eurycoma (aka long jax, tongkat ali)? Along the lines of 3+g a day?


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