My contest is this Sat. How much potassium to take?

  1. My contest is this Sat. How much potassium to take?

    Well, 3 brutal months are finally over and today was my last day of depletion. Tommorow is carb up day and I start cutting water. 3/4 gallon tommorow, 1/2gallon thurs, and 1/4gall friday. My contest is Saturday. My diuretic is going to be Taraxatone(its a natural show) and I will start it tommorow at only the recommened doses. 3pill 2x a day. I really don't want to cramp up and I hear lots of people have trouble sleeping while cutting water because of cramps. I have a ****load of potassium pill(100mg each) Should I start taking them tommorow? How much potassium should I take a day, and it won't effect my physique will it? Thanks

  2. Usually you will deplete your K while drinking a lot of water. Now that you are cutting back, you will probably not need as much unless you are depleted or cramping!

  3. Yeah, the job of K is to keep the water in the muscles... SOME will be OK, but too much, just might give you very, very low blood pressure... If you feel like that, then that's too much K. More than that will have worse effects.

  4. got this info from

    Here are ten things that you can do the final week:

    1. Drink plenty of water throughout your contest preparation, at least one to three gallons daily, the more the better.
    2. Cut out all leg training and cardio for the last week.
    3. Load Creatine Monohydrate (use Beverly, make sure there are no fillers or binders) one teaspoon prior to every meal starting Tuesday continuing up to prejudging unless you must make weight
    4. Use salt at every meal up until the Wednesday evening the week of your show.
    5. Cut your sodium intake by 50% on Thursday and Friday
    6. Cut out all fibrous vegetables Thursday and Friday
    7. Cut back water intake by 25% on Thursday (2 gallons to 1.5 gallons)
    8. Cut water an additional 25% on Friday (half of what you normally drink)
    9. Use Potassium 2 - 99 mg tablets per hour on Thursday and Friday (Females use 1 - 99 mg per hour)
    10. Eat one additional meal high in carbs, sugar, and fat 3 hours prior to taking the stage on Saturday

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