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    Anyone know what happened to him? I'd been a big fan of his for a decade or so. I can find the threads on this site regarding CNW but they all seem to be disabled or something. I can't post or reply. And the website is down...

    Did he shut it down? Any idea what happened, or is it just a temporary technical glitch?

  2. They are no longer a sponsor, but they are still in business. Their site has been having some trouble lately because they are making some changes.
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  3. Was just on his site today, so I know he's still around.

  4. Are CNW and Omega Sports related?

  5. I believe so.

  6. I'm VERY fond of Omega Sports, IMO they are one of the best lines out and have been for the past five years (even with a small amount of products)

    Im anxiously awaiting the reformulated Thunder.

  7. I think they have seperated recently. I emailed to find out if I could get a omega t-shirt from custom if I ordered an omega product like nutra does(or did), and they said they didn't have any omega shirts. Either its odd they were out of shirts when nutra had them or else customs been bought out.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by daniel35 View Post
    I think they have seperated recently.

    I believe this to be correct.

  9. I've heard a rumor that Omega has taken up a partner and that's why the two have separated. I've also seen some new product teasers on their website that look pretty interesting.

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