Not a rookie, but not a Pro…HELP!!

  1. Exclamation Not a rookie, but not a Pro…HELP!!

    Me: I am 5’10, 258 lbs.
    I am not as solid as I would like to be, but my size & mass are coming along slowly. I have been active in college level athletics for the past 4 years, and before that I was an active weightlifter as well. I currently use a 4 day on, 1 day off lifting routine that seems to be yielding results, however, I seem to be leveling off and need to change up my routine a little.
    I have my diet under control, and try to stick to a 5-6 meal-a-day plan, each meal high in protein, healthy carbs, and fiber. I feel that I cheat, and eat out too often, keeping myself from attain my goals efficiently.
    I am not a stranger to supplements. Here is a list of what I take on a daily basis:
    A. Multi-vitamin- Pro32X
    B. chromium picolinate
    C. Vitamin C
    D. Protien- ProComplex- 55 g: 2-3 times a day
    E. NaVapor- Pre-workout
    F. Cellmass- Post workout
    I have also taken every other pre-workout mix you can think of, such as no-xplode, etc. However, I feel that I am not knowledgeable about an entire realm of supplements that are perhaps much stronger. I have read a good amount about such supplements like OmnEvol, and others. However, most of what I have read has been bad, some good, but mostly bad. I also feel like I have no idea about how to take these products, such as length, post cycle therapy, basically everything.

    I was hoping that someone could please help me! I am looking to start more serious supplements, but really have no idea where to begin, with both research and product brand names to trust and try. Basically I want someone, hell anyone to help me develop a solid, yet strong beginners serious supplement regiment, as well as how to handle the post cycle supplements.

    I would appreciate any and all comments!



  2. Stay away from the underdosed MT products and the bullsh-it BSN products. You'll also save tons of money that way.

    I'd switch to a multi stack, such as MVP and ZMK. I'd prefer to get my vitamins throughout the day and even when I'm sleeping.

    You could try going with some natural anabolic compounds, or something very light such as Jungle Warfare. You could also choose between something like Drive + RPM, or IGF-2 + NeoVar. ALRI and AX both have a couple of stack options that you could go with.

    Get some creatine, but only of the highest quality. CreaPure. It's from Germany, but many companies sell this under their brand names, such as Fitness Labs and Optimum Nutrition.

    A lot of natural substances, such as fish oil and milk thistle, will do your body good, in general.

    Include a lot of protein in your diet, especially if you're wanting to achieve LBM. Whey protein isolate is the highest quality of whey protein, being 90% pure protein. This is great, along with glutamine and BCAAs, immediately following your workout. Try consuming this within 2 hours of your workout at the latest, but the sooner the better. It'd be most beneficial immediately following your workout. A multiprotein formula would be good as a MRP, or even RTDs, if your schedule doesn't permit you time to go out and shop, and mix drinks at home. It's costly, but you must do what you have to. Take micellar casein, or any kind of casein for that matter, before bed. Milk protein digests very slowly. It'd help your body recover during sleep.

    Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck.

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