Levi-R help?

  1. Levi-R help?

    just bought some levi-r and 100% whey protein lookin to start cuttin as soon as i gets to my house. i need to know though. i heard about DCP, and what is it exactly and do i need that with levi-r? any help or recommendations?i got the bills to buy so talk to me. thanks

  2. It's a non stimulant based fat burner by RPN. It works synergestically
    with LevRE, because they basically work with different mechanisms (Carnatine, Rasp-ketones ect as opposed to Yohimbine, trib and such). DCP is a great addition to any fat burning stack as it won't over stimulate you.

    The LevRE/DCP stack will be a feel good, not overly stimulating, and very effect stack.

  3. so therefore i should get better results with the combination on DCP and Levi-R?

  4. I've been on the LevR/DCP stack for almost a week now. Its a great combo IMO. I have great workouts, and my diet is so manageable. Spread throughout the day, the combo keeps me quite energized and feeling very thermogenic (warm). I highly recommend DCP with your LevR, its almost like they were made for each other!

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    Out of curiosity, I took my temperature about 30 min after ingesting my LevR/DCP at lunch time. I was pleasantly surprised to see 99.4 F on my thermometer. If anyone has doubts about this combo, just take it and grab your thermometer - theres your proof!

  5. You will get better results with the combo. But Reloaded is effective on its own.

  6. Yes. You'd still get good results with just LevRE, but this would be better if you got the bills.

  7. yes dam they dont have any just DCP on nutraplanet.com. any other places i should try to buy. and i made the mistake of buying levi-r and dcp seperatly they have the stack for cheaper....damit


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