taking test booster before or during ph cycle

  1. taking test booster before or during ph cycle

    would taking activate with havoc provide any benefit? not sure if the steroid in havoc binds to the stuff that nettle root inhibits anyway, but if it would give an effect it would make sense to take less havoc from a toxicity and shutdown perspective.

    also, could you do a test boosting stack for a month, then start havoc? it seems like a good way to keep any gains from being on the test booster

  2. I think it would be a waste to use it during a cycle. It should be done during PCT to "get the boys back". And to cycle it before a cycle I guess you could but I wouldn't

  3. I have a similar question and no one ever seems to give a reasonable answer. According to Dr.D’s “How to Pulse Orals” thread and I quote:

    “Although pulsing is a great way to avoid suppression, if you're extra sensitive to shut down or using a very suppressive compound, an herbal testosterone booster can be used on the off nights or even included everyday. In fact, running test boosters as the core of your cycle and pulsing a methyl just to augment that is possibly one of the best methods you could employ if not using injectable testosterone.”

    Yet every reply I’ve seen to a question like this says it’s not worth it during a cycle and/or save it for pct. What does everyone else know that Dr.D doesn’t know?

    I’m no expert or anything, but wouldn’t running a natural test booster during a pulse cycle of epistane assist with or reduce the length of recovery in pct since your natural test levels will be elevated from taking the test booster through the cycle? and wouldn't it also free up more natural test during the cycle for even more gains?

    Thanks in advance for your replies. ~M

  4. We could hope someone will chime in and provide more insight for us. I'm no expert either but it seems that the dominating hormonal effect of any steroid would superceed the effects of any natuarl type and therefore they are seen as not needed while ON. Can we trick or fool our bodies by supplementing with natual test boosters during a cycle ? this gets into the protocol of how elemnets are processed by the body- way beyond my scope of knowledge - To me the theory of using natural componds to help during & after makes sense

  5. use it throughout the cycle, aas/ph/ps will raise free test levels. take test booster along with it to stop suppression, and keep bound test levels up. this makes pct easier. also on apulse cycle will make off day bounce back much more noticeable.

  6. what your thinking is making me believe you lack knowledge in the realm of PH's. a test booster on cycle will limit gains most likely and will not to ****. havoc is a steroid, youwill get shutdown and activate wont do diddly squat on cycle. There is no point in taking test booster before cycle either. hopefully u have a good PCT setup

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    use it throughout the cycle, anabolic steroids/ph/ps will raise free test levels. take test booster along with it to stop suppression, and keep bound test levels up. this makes post cycle therapy easier. also on apulse cycle will make off day bounce back much more noticeable.
    I'm not sure about the whole pulse thing. Its like trying to stop a super tanker on a dime (which just can't be done.) To try and manipulate chemical levels in the body that quickly does not seem feasible to me. I think the transition is too slow (like molasses in Feb.) I'd tend to believe it would just cause a roller coaster effect.

  8. I would run something like Androgenerator with this. I've personally ran Havoc with Androgenerator which is a test booster and will considerably decresase the amount of time it takes for PCT.
    IF you're going with what you got, take it everyday. Your blood levels of the compound will not be constant, which you are looking to provide your body with in order to attain maximum gains. Since it is a steroidal aromatase inhibitor that is methylated, it is pretty effective in doing its job of stopping estrogen. I'd reccomend startings the Activate 1 week prior to coming off. Best of luck, happy growing, and EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT


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