Supplement carriers?

  1. Supplement carriers?

    Ok wierd question! But when i go to work during the day i use little square Tupperware dishes and throw my protein's, pills, powders, whatevers in them. However they are kinda bulky.

    Anyone else got any good products/methods for packing up 4x5 different powders / pills / etc and taking them on the road?

  2. ziploc baggies? I use small tupperware as well, but only for food. (nuts, and things like that) I use the ziploc bags for protein powder. I have a small pill carier that is divided into six trays. Works like a charm.

  3. for pills i use little pill bags, like the ones drug dealers use or larger, and for powders i just pack them into a shaker cup that im going to drink them in. if im going for a multitude of days, ill bring the pill bottles, since there small. and ill just pack the powder in bags or ill bring the tub along.

  4. old advil small size bottle

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