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    thanks man, and I will!
    Going to get your stuff out today!

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    I take the Levi at the same time as the DCP...2 caps, 2-3 times per day.
    so you've taken up to six levi caps a day?

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    so you've taken up to six levi caps a day?
    Depending on the schedule of my wakeup, state of restfulness, and everything I need to accomplish for the day, yes I have.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by AnonyMoose View Post
    AB - thanks for confirming!

    how should leviatin reloaded be worked into this if i am stacking them together.

    thanks - moose
    I would start with one cap of Levi in the AM and 1 cap at mid-day/mid afternoon to assess tolerance

    If and when you feel fine on those, you can increase the dosage to 2 in the morning (with DCP), 1 in the arvo, and then 2-2.

    I would suggest you use the minimal amount needed to get the effects you desire, plus there will be an opportunity to increase dosage later along the track when you need that extra boost.

  5. I take mine at 5:10 AM With 2 Leviathan Pills with the first half of my BCAA mix. Then I work out, come home... slam my 40g of ISOPURE, Eat my 2 eggs (One yolk and one not) on my 2 pieces of whole grain toast with ketchup and then go shower =)



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