ALtering Anabolic PW Formula from Customizer

  1. ALtering Anabolic PW Formula from Customizer

    Well, here is what I need :


    I want to customize a PW shake (based on the anablic PW formula found on to include no added carbs. I am doing this as it follows a prescribed diet, and I just can't afford the protein they reffered me to. I know carbs are needed to aid in recovery, but until I am done cutting, no carbs added.

    I was just wondering what percentages you would chnage to make this a good PW formula... just with no added carbs. Dave told me to up the glutamine peptides, so thats a start, but I need some ideas on what percentages to use.

    If this helps, I will be using aminos before and during my workout.


  2. A post workout drink without carbs is really not a good post workout drink. If you leave his anbolic formula alone its good for PW if youre gong to modify it you might as well go with a cheapwhey protein and add in your own aminos.

  3. I know about the carbs :/

    Just like 4 more weeks and I can add them back. But if things keep going the way they are (weights decreasing in the gym) I am going to have to add them back quick... and I may even pick up some of that cool Vendetta stuff everyones talkin about.

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