Empty stomach or no

  1. Empty stomach or no

    Hey gang,

    I'm starting a Pslin, Hyperdrol x2 and Activate Xtreme log, and I was wondering about whether Hx2 and AX should be taken with food, on an empty stomach, or whether it matters.


  2. i believe activate should be taken with food but i could be wrong. you could double check in the company sub forums.

  3. You can take ActX with or without food. I have done it both ways and works just fine.

    As far as the Hyperdrol with the ActX goes, Here is a dosing scheme Matt(sldge) put together that will work great for you.

    week 1: Hyperdrol
    week 2: Hyperdrol
    week 3: Hyperdrol and ACTX
    week 4: Hyperdrol and ACTX
    week 5: ACTX
    week 6: ACTX
    week 7: OFF
    week 8: OFF
    week 9-12: ACTX (only if he wanted to run 2 bottles)

    Good Luck with it! Definitely keep us updated on how it goes for you..

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