Supplement Help, Did I make a good choice?

  1. Supplement Help, Did I make a good choice?

    Hello all,

    So basically i've been training for about a yr and a half
    then family stuff happened and i took like a 1yr break
    got a slight belly in the process drank alot

    So now i'm getting back into it, joined a gym a week ago

    This is what I bought:

    Dynamite Nutrition - BCAAs 2200
    Progressive - Multivitamins & Minerals for active men
    Ultimate Nutrition - 100% Bioactive Whey Sensation 81

    I bought it from a store called Popeyes

    What do you guys think about my purchase, did I make a good choice?

    Also, when should I take what and what amount?

    I tend to take the Max OT training route

    Thanks in advance
    never heard of progressive but the dude said good stuff about it.

  2. Come on Ron Paul, I thought you were a doctor, you should know these things!

    All joking aside, and without knowing the exact makeup of what you bought, it appears that you got some basics which is a good start.

    As far as timing and amount, I like to sip on about 10 grams of BCAAs during my workout, whether cardio or weights. Some people like add them to their pre- or post-workout shakes.

    I would use the whey to supplement your whole food protein sources to reach around 1.5g/lbs of bodyweight, IMO. These are good in a bind or when you need to eat something quick, but I wouldn't recommend you use the shakes as your primary protein sources.

    And as far as the multivitamin goes, I would just pop it in the morning, or go by whatever the directions say on the bottle.

    Good luck bro, nice to see you got back in the gym.

  3. The BCAAs are in pill form, does that change when I should take them?

    BCAAs are from Dynamite Nutrition, ever heard of them?

    I usually get known brands like EAS or something like because i feel comfortable that they meet label claims that's why im' asking.

    Also ever heard of progressive?

    And is that specific whey that I got a good choice?

    I work out in the morning before work.

    thanks for the welcome

  4. Sounds like a fellow Canadian Glad to hear you're getting your health back in gear.

    Now for buying supplements, being a Canadian everything in store is overpriced here. If you're just starting out, it might be worth your while to figure out everything that you will want to order, then put in a large order from an american site like nutraplanet.

    Personally for BCAA's, I would recommend picking up a kilo in bulk from nutraplanet, which is much more economical than pills. You can also get whey cheaper from nutraplanet, there's some 5 lb tubs in the low 30's, or you can pay more for certain brands.
    As for Sensation 83, the taste isn't bad. The 93 tastes about 10x better, but it's also something like 70 or 80ish for the 6lb bucket, so it's a bit steep.
    But multivitamins, whey and BCAA's are the staples for getting back into it, so you're on the right road. If you do decide to buy some bulk stuff from the US, you might want to look into some creatine or beta-alanine.

    Good luck getting back into it

  5. ya there was this creatine with beta-alanine and citrillus mallate from Ultimate Nutrition, I thought i should only get it after get back into it about 2months later or so, what do you think?

    Also anyone ever heard of Dynamite Nutrition?
    Are they a good company?

  6. I like to take multi's with breakfast and then lunch or dinner, so twice daily. Pre workout BCAA's and post workout to supplement your post work out shake. Personally I agree with 1.5 grams protein per pound of body weight, but I would take it as follows: Shake 1st thing in the morning if possible an hour or 2 before breakfast (you're pretty catabolic in the morning). A shake post work out, 30-45 grams. And if you decide to, a shake sometime between meals. Best of luck!


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