ALR Pro-Anabol

  1. ALR Pro-Anabol

    Ive been researching this product, trying to figure out if its an effective product or not. Generally i havent got the best gains from ecdysterone but the claim they BA will be much better.

    Ive heard many things about the quality of this supplement, some say its great and works well, some say they dont notice it and MOST stack it with something and cannot provide accurate feedback as to what was helping to produce there gains.

    So what were/are your personal feelings/experiences with Pro-Anabol and is it effective for a bulk and adding mass?

    Also, whats the reasoning behind this being only for 21yrs+?

  2. Pretty worthless, I found Ebol to be better for an ecdy based supp

    JW is the only ALR supp I cared for in the Ultima stack (used jw solo and had just as good results as with the whole stack, tried 1 bottle pro anabol solo and had no noticeable results.

  3. agreed, E-bol is good stuff, iv stacked it with JW and had good results.
    no experience with pro-anabol, but from what iv heard its kind of hit or miss

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