What are results expected from 6 oxo?

  1. What are results expected from 6 oxo?

    Just out of curiosity I though I may ask this question to get a feel for everyone's opiono I remember reading that an olympic runner got DQed for have this in his system. Am interested to hear the scientific as well as your opinon on this product!

  2. Well, the body creates higher amounts of natural testosterone due to the negative feedback from the estrogen levels via 6-OXO.

    There are a few questions though in regards to this:

    1. Does the levels create an anabolic effect ?

    2. How much of an anabolic effect does it create (assuming it does) ?

    I could probably ask Patrick about this, but these are some things to keep in mind. The typical person would assume 'increase testosterone=better' however there is more to the story than just this. In the 6-OXO studies, I dont know if muscle mass gained was even measured, I could be wrong. The only thing that was tested was the testosterone levels of the individuals.

    If you want to put on muscle, you are better off using a synthetic analog instead of trying to increase your natural test enough to 'pack on muscle.'

  3. Here is your answer:

    It doesn't appear to make any improvement on lean body mass.

    They think it may be that the molecule competes for the androgen receptor.

  4. Ok yeah, I think that was the article.

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