powerfull and ghrp6

  1. powerfull and ghrp6

    Could you stack the two or whould it be redundant and interfer with each other?

    I want to ask about pricing but not sure if I can.

  2. Or hemogex with GHRRP6 or all 3 of powerfull with hemogex. Any combo. Just looking at my options currently.

    I was also thinking since GHRP6 makes you madd hungrry and I am starting pslin how awesome would that stack be. Very little fat gain now. Just think the reviews iv read 15 pounds in 2 weeks that has to have some fat gain so if I gaind 15 pounds I think it would be more muscle than fat. Any thoguhts. Maybe powerfull too? If one meal I end up consuming like 2000 caloires due to GHRP6 and I bust put powerfull and pslin holly heck.

  3. Any one?

  4. your better off running just some L-Dopa, or grey market igf lr3 than wasting hundreds of bucks on hemogex and other "GH Boosters"

  5. 20 bucks for ghrp6 for 10 mg I am going to do a 6 week cycle

  6. What is your age? If you are below 25, or even 30, it's not only going to yield basically nothing but you will run the risk of altering your natural GH output. I know Hemogex is not advisable for those reasons....

  7. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    20 bucks for ghrp6 for 10 mg I am going to do a 6 week cycle
    thats pretty good.
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  8. Yeaea my powerfull came in. I am just waiting for the GHRP6 to come in. I was afraid of letting the price out because I know some times boards don't let you. If I can get it cheeper I will. One of the reasons I am going to do GHRP6 is for the for increasing ghrelin which will allow me to eat more. Plus its cheeper than ghrelin alone. I think it would be thousand times better than black hole which did nothing to me and grub on. What do you think.


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