Dumb question but i need the help!

  1. Dumb question but i need the help!

    Alright pros, i just got me a month supply of the pre-workout supp. WTF PUMPED. It has no caff. in it. Which is good because im still having side effects from NanoVapor [worthless ****** supp]. Well, i see that WTF PUMPED has cret. in it, and i still have month supplies of GNC Mono cret. and Cell-Tech Hardcore [which actually gives me positive results]. My actual question is, Is it alright to take the wtf pump and still take my regular cretine? Or is that to much cret. for my body to handle and to get results. I NEED HELP. thanks

  2. it should be fine. Only thing that I can think of that might cause you problems is long time use of high dosages of creatine. In this case, your just using the WTF pumped until it runs out. You should be fine.

    The only thing is that the regular creatine might be wasted. Once your creatine levels are at it's peak, anymore of it is just completely going to waste. Only thing your wasting in my opinion is your money. :P Try doing the regular creatine at half the dose.

  3. i agree, cut your regular creatine dose down.
    btw, iv used wtf in the past great stuff! but you must have read the label wrong because wtf does have caffeine in it.

  4. quote from Layne Norton: More is not better, BETTER is BETTER!

    You don't need that many.

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