mold growing in sesamin

  1. mold growing in sesamin

    anyone have this occur? i got the primaforce liquid sesamnin from NP and i noticed a scummy mold growing on the bottom of the plastic.
    i guess it goes without saying, that i should discontinue use.
    any way to prevent this from happening if i get another bottle of sesamin?

  2. Some of the best drugs in the world are made from mold...

    Seriously though, contact NP and discuss it with them. I am sure it's an isolated occurence. But it can happen with supplements of this nature.

  3. Are you sure it's mold and not just particles settling at the bottom? I'm not sure how the Primaforce stuff is because I only use SesaThin, but my guess is that it's not really mold. Either way, you could keep it in the refrigerator if you want.

  4. it's mold. i mean, it's not a new bottle. i used about 2/3 of it so it's easy to see. there's a white solid mass with a slimy, cloudy area around it. when i tilt the bottle, they move around together.

  5. It could be the solid particulate coming out of the oil. Sesamin IS a solid.
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  6. thats not mold, its just settled particles.

  7. Shake it up vigorously, and see what happens. Mold should NOT go into solution, while the solid particles WILL.
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  8. i got too creeped out and just poured it down the drain. there was a blue portion in the center of the scum. eh, i used up a lot of that bottle anyway. funny thing is i'll probably get some more next i'm ordering. so damn cheap compared to getting caps.

  9. The color produced by fungi is a function of a variety of chemicals produced either as waste, cellular metabolites, digestive agents (used to break down their food source such as plants or other types of materials)
    or even to create a toxic environment for other fungi (their equivelent of chemical warfare). - (Google)


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