im skinny

  1. im skinny

    right people i need help i am 5ft 9 and weigh bout 9.5 stone. i would like to ger defined as i know i probably cant put that much muscle on as im quite slim ... i have just brought weights and a bench and am looking for extra products that will assist me in building muscle .. any help and ideas would be great thanks :bb3:

  2. how old are you and what is you weight in Lbs?

  3. im 29 and its 133 pounds

  4. Food,Protein, Water.

  5. can you reccomend the food and protien i would need and i appreciate your help thanks

  6. try 3000-3500 calories being 40%protein come from mostly lean meats such as chicken, fish, with some red meat. 40% Quality carbs such as oats, and 20% fat.

    Once you have the food down you can begin to supplement with a good Multi vitamin(NOW or AST brand, not centrum and such). Whey protein before and after workouts(ON's, Dymatize), Once you begin to see results you can start to try Creatine Mono after you read up a little more. Hope this helps

  7. : SEARCH :

    This may be one of the more simply answered questions there, train, eat, eat, eat , search AM forum, eat, train
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  8. thanx for your help guys


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