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  1. Originally posted by wojo
    there seems to be a ceiling to alcar after 3 grams as im reading on animal's board also and i have been using this myself for a awhile before reading this,guys r using taurine(bac has this so cheap its hard to resist) at 10 grams a night to help them relax and seems to be working as taurine helps lower heart rate
    Good input there Wojo. Seems your body can only handle so much ALCAR, and as the dose gets higher a choline supplement would be the only thing to increase efficacy and prevent any "minor complications". Still not really sure why you'd need more then 2 or 2.5 grams, most do fine with around 1.5, but I do love it myself. Also, forgot to mention Ive been doing the taurine thing since I used it with clen about a month ago. Its cheap and does seem to help nighttime out. Its a nice dirt cheap addition for anyone with no real OD limits and only benefits.

  2. Originally posted by RaulJimenez
    Scotty I don't know but taking 200mgs of ALA-R-AlA dose with no carbs can be a pain in the ass for some people specially in the morning, go overboard and you can easily get a little bit off balance
    I for the most part agree there Raul...especially in the morining. But like Magg said, strategic usage has its purposes and if you can handle the symptoms of low blood sugar go for it. But others it can cause problems when blood sugar is already low...thus the low dose of 100mg for me. Also, when price is an issue (usually is for me) its not completely cost effective to use so often.

  3. not only that but taurine has antiox capabiities and alcar is pro-free radical so to speak as i read by bj on animals so every little bit helps..ala/r-ala do this too but hey it

  4. Ok, I'm trying to set up the times and doses for my plan. Here is my schedule:
    10:00 wake up
    10:30 got to gym
    12:00 1st meal
    3:00 2nd meal
    5:00 3rd meal (usually just a bar)
    7:30 4th meal
    10:00 5th meal
    12:00 6th meal
    2:00 go to bed

    I was thinking about starting the ALCAR 3 times a day, like the first 3 meals, but should I be taking any before i work out? The ALA I was going to take at pretty much every meal, Biotion only twice a day, CLA 3 grams at every meal, and GT at every meal ( 1 tab). Is this appropriate? Let me know if anyone has suggestions to change it up a bit....

  5. ALCAR first thing AM is GREAT. Also, Id spread it out...maybe 1st meal, 2nd and then 4th meal. THat will leave plenty of time if you get stim. up from it to calm down for the night. Other than that...unless they are decaf, id cut the green tea out of the last and maybe second last meals...and have one first thing AM if caffienated. ALA dose is fine....can do a heavy dose with post workout meal (with a good supply of carbs), and Biotin CLA look good.

  6. i prefer a morning and afternoon dose of alcr myself

  7. ok, beautiful! Can't wait to start. Scott, you rock!

  8. Hah, thanks. Happy Anarchy.


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