Bulk X-factor or Bulk Adrenosterone

  1. Bulk X-factor or Bulk Adrenosterone

    I haven had the chance to try either of these, but I can really only afford one or the other. Which would be better? Looking to add some lean mass and maybe a little strength.

  2. Bulk XF, the jury is still out on adrenosterone.
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  3. So far I have yet to see 1 successful report from the bulk adrenosterone, but a number of "no effect" ones... so take that for what its worth. then again, no positive ones on x-factor, but its only been available for a short time (not long enough for a full cycle I believe)

  4. I'd go with the bulk XF. The material is equivanent to the Molecular Nutrition's version and is licensed from us, so you get a top notch product

  5. While I got great effects from Ergo's 11-oxo, I also have not seen a lot of successful logs with the bulk.

    The BXF is purchased from MN, so you know the quality is there. I would vote BXF.
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  6. Listen to the NP king!

  7. Cool thanks for the replies. Yeah, the bulk X-factor is exciting, especially since I never tried X-factor. I think I might go with that. I think in order to make the bulk Adrenosterone work, I would have to add something for absorbtion like Trisorbagen (spelling) or make it into a transdermal.

  8. I've looked at a few studies on andronosterone, and while I'm not expert it seemed to have almost no scientific support. (e.g. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/en...ubmed_RVDocSum )
    Personally I'd try XFactor before Andreno (Who knows, if I win that picture contest i just might be able to !

  9. Maybe you will Steve, maybe... You... Will :P Just post 1 a day and you increase your chances


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